creative projects

creative lab provides financing to Arabs for creative projects across all areas of the media and entertainment industry

including TV pilots, short films, webisodes, music, print publications, magazines and games, through our creative lab online community 

in addition to funding, we offer guidance and expertise to facilitate the development and execution of ideas, helping turn your concepts into reality and, potentially, into commercially viable propositions. Our online community is available to support, inspire and guide you to help you develop ideas to a point where they can be funded and brought to life.

this is the first creative ideas incubator focused on the media and entertainment sector in the Arab world. We are here to guide and push you creatively and help you make the right commercial and creative decisions.While also giving you the chance to have hands on experience, working with our team in producing the creative ideas of others as they are submitted through the creative lab community.

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  • we retain a flexible approach to criteria, but the following should serve as a guideline.

    • working with the applicant through the process of developing their ideas
    • drawingin expertise from within the creative lab team, the twofour54 network, established media companies and other creatives to make the applicant’sproject as successful as possible
    • encouraging other members of the creative community who are looking for experience to get involved in the project
    • after the project is completed we continue to work with the applicantto set a commercial plan for the project, if this is appropriate, and try to find further development and career opportunities for them
  • what we require when an idea is submitted:

    • register with our online community,
    • fill in our online application form
    • attachas much information and detail about your project possible, that will be comprehensive for any who read it.
    • Tell us more about you by uploading your CV
    • Be clear about what you need to achieve from your project, is it aiming to make a cultural contribution, a commercial project, or just a learning experience?
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