what we look for

whether you apply direct or as a result of our outreach programme, we aim to make a quick decision regarding your application.

we will be proactively seeking out young creatives through special local and regional events as well as reaching out to colleges and universities.

additionally we welcome you to apply for funding directly here on the website.

if your application shows promise we will invite you to meet with us in Abu Dhabi to discuss your plans and we'll aim to make a decision on whether to fund your idea soon thereafter.

if successful, as part of our offer we will provide you with working facilities here at twofour54 for you to develop your idea; as well as structured meetings with the ibtikar creative lab team to help guide you along the way.

we will also endeavour to provide networking opportunities with others in the ibtikar creative lab cluster as well as introductions to other twofour54 partners and contacts in order to facilitate your learning and development and maximise the chances of your idea proving a commercial success.

applicants should be in a position to answer the following questions:

  • what makes my idea original and what am I trying to achieve?
  • who are the people I am targeting i.e. age, location etc and why? 
  • how will an ibtikar creative lab funding help me execute and commercialise my idea? 
  • how much funding do I need to develop the idea?